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2 days tour from casablanca to Tanger

Visit the economical capital and the beating heart of Morocco the city of Casablanca with its crowded streets and lovely people. Heading to the north where you will see not only gorgeous nature and waterfalls, but also you will have an extra excitement time exploring mythological landmarks. Enjoy nice sun baths near the deep blue water and discover the beautiful chefchaouen known as the blue city due to its blue buildings and houses

Day 1

Casablanca to Tangier: your private driver will take you from Casablanca to Tangier and you will spend the whole day there. "A Painter's Paradise" this is how the famous painter Henri Matisse described Tangier a city where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic converge in which you can see a Moroccan historical place with a Greek touch called Hercules Caves in which you will discover a spectacular myth about the place... moving to another mythological location Cape Spartel, the legend says that it is the place where the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean meet, enjoy the deep blue sea and a breathtaking view of the Strait of Gibraltar. Before we finish our tour we will have the last stop in the Kasbah Museum of Mediterranean Cultures which contains arts of all regions of Morocco, finally a small walk in the Medina and a night in a hotel/riad

Day 2

Chefchaouen: In case you don't like the color blue, you will definitely change your mind after visiting the city of Chefchaouen. Traveling from Tangier through the Rif Mountains to the Blue Pearl or the Blue city. It is named due to the houses and buildings painted in different shades of blue due to the fifteenth century when the Jews began to paint their homes blue they believed the color closest to the sky, and that this would remind them of God. On this day you will visit the Ethnographic Museum of Chefchaouen in the heart of the city, then the Spanish Mosque was built by the Spanish in 1920, moving to The Outa el Hammam square and have a beautiful relaxing walk inside the blue streets

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visiting the beautiful casablanca
visiting the blue city Chefchouan
Wonderful tour from casablanca to tangier passed by Ocean Atlantique
visiting the beautiful Tangier
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