Coastal Day Trip: Rabat

Coastal Day Trip: Rabat

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Are you looking for an exciting way to explore Morocco's rich history and culture? Look no further than a day trip from Casablanca to Rabat. The capital city is just a short drive away, and offers a wealth of amazing experiences to discover.During your day trip, start by visiting the iconic Hassan Tower, a 12th century minaret of an incomplete mosque that stands 44 meters tall. This is a great spot to take photos and admire the city from above.

Next, head to the Kasbah of the Udayas, a fortified city that dates back to the 17th century. The Kasbah is located on the banks of the Bouregreg River, and features narrow streets and alleyways filled with white and blue houses that are a joy to explore.

Don't miss the chance to visit the Royal Palace of Rabat, the official residence of the King of Morocco. While visitors are not allowed inside, you can still admire its grand gates and intricate architecture from the outside.

Another must-see attraction is the Mohammed V Mausoleum, the final resting place of King Mohammed V who is highly regarded by Moroccans for his role in gaining independence from France. For a moment of relaxation, take a stroll through the Andalusian Gardens, a tranquil oasis located in the heart of the city. This is the perfect spot to take a break and soak up the beauty of Rabat.

The old city of Rabat, the Medina, is filled with winding streets and alleys lined with shops selling traditional Moroccan goods, spices, and handicrafts. This is a great place to get lost and discover some unique souvenirs to take home.

Finally, take a walk along the Corniche, a seaside promenade that offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the city's beach. This is a great way to end your day trip from Casablanca to Rabat, and soak up the beauty of Morocco's capital city.

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